VariQ-CV JV, LLC (VC-JV) is a Small Business Administration-approved Mentor-Protégé HUBZone Joint Venture between VariQ (mentor) and Conviso (protégé). VariQ and Conviso have established a working relationship as awardees of the CIO-SP3 Small Business GWAC IDIQ in the HUBZone set aside pool.

Contract Vehicles

CIO-SP3 Small Business (HUBZone)

The Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners 3 Small Business (CIO-SP3) program supports the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Information Technology Acquisitions and Assessment Center (NITAAC). This contract, with a program ceiling of $20 billion, is designed to provide a mechanism for streamlined ordering of IT solutions and services at equitable and reasonable prices.

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VariQ-CV JV can perform services within the following 9 task areas:

Task Area 1: IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare. Support Biomedical Research, Health Sciences and Healthcare by performing studies and analyses, and providing operational, technical, and maintenance services for the systems, subsystems, and equipment.

Task Area 2: Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support. Support Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in implementing laws, regulations, and polices and to facilitate evolving CIO practices.

Task Area 4: Outsourcing. IT infrastructure and IT services required to assume management and operations of government IT resources and IT business functions.

Task Area 5: IT Operations and Maintenance. Support operations and maintenance of IT systems, keeping IT systems viable with supported vendor releases or off-the-shelf products associated with mainframes, client/server, web-based applications, and networking.

Task Area 6: Integration Services. Development and deployment of integrated information systems, which includes the integration of technical components, information technology components, organizational components and documentation.

Task Area 7: Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance. Protection of critical infrastructure, assurance of agency information, and operations that protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability, restoration, authentication, non-repudiation, protection, detection, monitoring, and event react capabilities.

Task Area 8: Digital Government. Support of government services provided through digital means, creating transparent interaction between government and citizens, government and business enterprises, and interagency relationships.

Task Area 9: Enterprise Resource Planning. Implementation of enterprise management applications and systems in the federal environment, which are integrated software applications used to control, monitor, and coordinate key business activities across an enterprise.

Task Area 10: Software Development. Development of customized software applications, database applications, and other solutions not available in off-the-shelf modular software applications.

HUBZone Contract HHSN316201800059W:

VariQ-CV JV Contract Labor Rates:

Prompt Payment Terms: 30 days.

Contract Information

Contract No. (HUBZone) Program Ceiling Contract PoP Type of Task Orders CIO-SP3 Small Business Website
HHSN316201800059W $20 Billion 09/18/2018 - 10/31/2022 CPFF, CPAF, CPIF, FFP, T&M Click for more info

Company Contacts

Name Title Email Telephone
Uday Malhan Program Manager (855) 277-3777
Roy Quill Alternate Program Manager (301) 417-4654